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Delivery and Shipping Times

All Orders take approximately 3 - 6 business days to process. Orders will be shipped using mostly ePacket. ePacket is a form of shipping a package. The average shipping time will take between 12-25 business days after the order has been processed for the US, but up to 12-39 depending on the product you order.

Shipping to other countries have the same processing time, but orders take 20-55 days to arrive.

If more than 25 days have passed, please email us at to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary.


We work hard to provide you the best products in the least amount of time possible however we must ask you to be aware of factors that may delay your delivery:

Mistakes with Delivery Addresses
Please ensure all delivery information is correct as you enter it into our system. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed and we urge you to contact us via our contact form if there are any mistakes that you have made. If there is incorrect and/or missing information, we may be required to contact you to update the delivery information, which may delay your order.

Pending Payment Verifications
Invalid or Incomplete information. If there is wrong or missing information that makes delivery not possible, Unicorn Theory is not responsible for any returns, exchanges or refunds.

Customs Clearance
In some cases, local customs office (at shipping or receiving countries) may require additional documents and time to have your package cleared. During these instances, the estimated delivery time may be prolonged. In some cases, some fees are incurred if your package is selected for random inspection. We are not able to say what packages will be selected and any fees are your responsibility.




    Some products have arrived but others haven’t, what has happened to them?
    Different products may be shipped in different packages even if they are part of one same order.
    I need my product urgently! Is there any way to express post the product?
    By ordering from Unicorn Theory you accept that sometimes there may be delays beyond our control. If you require a product urgently we, unfortunately, do not offer an express postage option. As such we urge you to plan ahead as we do not provide refunds for products that arrive ‘late’ for your presents/ parties/ events.

    Why does my product come with another price stamp on the package?
    Sometimes you may receive some packages that have stamps or markings that do not match up with the product or price you ordered. 

    Please understand it is common for our Manufacturers do this so that your product goes smoothly through international customs and gets to you in the quickest amount of time possible.